Nene Leakes Provides an Update After the Her Son’s Heart Failure and Stroke

NeNe Leakes said that her 23-year-old son is “struggling to speak” since he had a stroke and heart failure two weeks ago. The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star wrote about what happened to her son, Brentt, on her Instagram stories on Monday.

In her video post, she said, “This is not how I wanted it to turn out.” “We wanted to talk to Brentt about it when he was in a better mood. I’m here now. I’d rather see the right thing out there than something that isn’t right.” Leakes said that when something like this happens to someone so young, it is sometimes linked to drugs, alcohol, or infection related to HIV, but she said her son doesn’t drink or do drugs and has been tested for HIV.

She said that one idea is that he may have caught Covid-19, which can cause heart problems. Leakes said she and her son didn’t know he had the virus. She also said that doctors have thought that he might have been born with a heart problem that they didn’t know about. Leakes said that more tests are being done and that the situation has been “very scary.”

She said, “I don’t even want to talk about what happened, how I found out, or what kind of shape he was in.” “It’s clear that having a stroke is very bad, and he’s having trouble speaking.” She asked her followers to say prayers for him and their family because there was reason to be hopeful. Leakes said, “He has made some progress.” “That makes us very happy and grateful.”