Vivian Howard Divorce: Are She And Ben Knight Getting Divorce?

Vivian Howard, an American-born chef, was born on March 8, 1978. Chef and co-owner of the acclaimed Chef & the Farmer restaurant in North Carolina, whose story will be told in the Emmy-winning PBS series A Chef’s Life.

Howard enrolled at Salem Academy, a Moravian all-girls residential school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, when she was 14 years old. She then spent two years at Virginia Episcopal School. She majored in English at North Carolina State University and graduated in 2001.

She took part in an NC State University program that sent her to Argentina for a semester to hone her culinary skills. Howard graduated and began working in advertising for Grey Worldwide in New York City right away.

She worked there for 18 months before moving on to Voyage. Scott Barton, the restaurant’s head chef, was her first official role model in the culinary world.

Howard got his start in the culinary arts in 2004. He went to the Institute of Culinary Education in New York and got his degree there. As a Chef de Partie at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Spice Market and an intern at Wylie Dufresne’s wd50, she got better at what she did.

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Husband of Vivian Howard

Vivian Howard and Ben Knight got married after dating for some time. While employed at Voyage, Ben and Vivian developed a close friendship. They worked for the company in some capacity. The two of them discovered they shared a love of food and cooking, which ultimately led to their union.

They started walking right away down the middle aisle. Soon after, they had twins, Theo and Flo. The four of them live in Deep Run, North Carolina, which Vivian calls “the middle of nowhere.” It’s close to Kinston.

vivian howard divorce

Her partner has a studio at home where he paints, and the two of them live in a large, modern farmhouse with dogs and chickens. Most people watched the Ben and Vivian show. Their restaurants did better and better. They give each other advice and help with their businesses.

Vivan Howard Getting A Divorce From Ben Knight

After Vivian’s divorce, she wrote a piece about it for Garden and Gun. She continued, “In case you didn’t know, I’m getting a divorce, and here’s an article titled “Love Languages, Decoded. In addition, I have not been working alone due to how things are organized.

Ben and I have instead asked a large group of therapists, lawyers, family members, and friends to help us through the painful process of breaking up. Early on, someone on my side told me to learn what my partner’s “love language” was. I had heard of this “love language” thing before, but I didn’t believe it because I knew it came from a self-help book from the 1990s.

vivian howard divorce

I’ve never thought of platitudes as being real. Based on this post and what she said to Garden and Gun, it might look like Ben and Vivian are breaking up, but if I decide to try dating again, I’ll listen to my group and do my research.

In the comments section of the post, many people have said they feel bad for the Chef’s family. One person said, “Divorce is hard whether you want it or not. Don’t tell the kids about this; it’s between you and Ben.

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No matter what you do, it stinks, but you’ll be better off going through it. The people around you are sending you good thoughts and help you in any way they can while you’re going through this hard time. I hope you and your loved ones are happy and at peace.


Is Vivian Howard a James Beard Award Winner?

In 2016, Howard won the Outstanding Personality/Host James Beard Broadcast Media Award. “South by Somewhere” looks to add to what made that movie so good.

What is Vivian From a Chef’s Life Doing Now

She created and stars in the public television show Somewhere South and A Chef’s Life, for which she has won Peabody, Emmy, and James Beard awards. Vivian runs the restaurants Chef & the Farmer in Kinston, NC, Benny’s Big Time in Wilmington, NC, and Handy & Hot and Lenoir (opening in December 2020) in Charleston, SC.

Why Did Chef’s Life End?

We had a lot of fans. I wanted to be Seinfeld, though. I wanted to end it while we were still at the top and really look at what southern food is like now. I just decided I couldn’t do a chef’s life anymore. I knew what I wanted to do, and I’m very brave that way.

Final Words

Vivian Howard and Ben Knight got married after dating for some time. While employed at Voyage, Ben and Vivian developed a close friendship. After Vivian’s divorce, she wrote an article titled “Love Languages, Decoded”. The two of them live in a large, modern farmhouse with dogs and chickens.

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