Who is Evan Peters Girlfriend: What Happened to Him, to Not Dating Anymore?

Evan Peters began his acting career in “Clipping Adam” in St. Louis, Missouri. For his portrayal, he won the SAG Emerging Actor Award.

He then appeared in advertisements and on “The Days,” “Phil of the Future,” and “Invasion” Since then, he’s worked in movies and TV. He’s been in “An American Crime,” “Gardens of the Night,” “Never Back Down,” and “Kick-Ass.” “Monk,” “One Tree Hill,” “The Mentalist,” “The Office,” and “Parenthood” have featured him. “American Horror Story” made him famous.

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Evan Peters is Allegedly Single After Splitting From Halsey in March 2020

Evan Peters apparently broke up with Halsey. His inactivity on social media fosters rumors that he’s single.
In mid-2019, Peters, and Halsey confirmed dating.

They celebrated Halloween at an AHS event. Halsey called Evan her boyfriend on Ellen in October 2019.

who is evan peters girlfriend

After the couple’s public appearances dwindled, breakup rumors circulated. Halsey confirmed the rumors in March 2020 by deleting Evan’s Instagram images. Evan’s support of the police during the Black Lives Matter protests may have caused the breakup.

Evan retweeted a video of someone applauding cops in 2020. Peters erased the post and apologized, but Twitter users had saved it. One person asked, “@Evan Peters is this why Halsey broke up with you?” Halsey liked the tweet. Evan and Halsey aren’t friends.

Before Breaking Up With Emma Roberts, Evan Was Engaged to Her for Two Years

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters met in 2012 on the set of the movie Adult World, and they started dating at the beginning of 2013. In July 2013, Emma was arrested for hurting Evan, which made the news and brought attention to the couple. The couple had a heated argument while staying in a hotel in Canada, which led to the attack.

Evan’s face was hurt, so the police took Roberts into custody. The couple’s rep told Us Weekly that it was a bad accident and misunderstanding. Evan decided not to press charges, and after being questioned, Emma was let go.

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The fight didn’t hurt the relationship between the two people. A source told Us Weekly, “They won’t break up.” “When things are good between them, they are madly in love.”

In March 2014, they said they were getting married. The couple kept their relationship quiet for a while until June 2015, when they said they were breaking up but would still be friends. An insider told Just Jared, “They have so many great memories together, but they couldn’t make it work in the end.”

“We broke up on good terms, and there was no drama at all.”

They were seen holding hands three months later, and reports say they spent New Year’s 2016 together in Malibu, California. The couple broke up for good at the beginning of 2019. Emma talked about the breakup in a later interview with Cosmopolitan. Even though she didn’t say Evan’s name, it’s clear that she was talking about him when she said:

“I think that endings are hard no matter who you are, what you do, or where you are in the world. It’s hard to lose something.”
Evan and model Pixie Geldof were together for a quiet year.

Evan and Pixie Geldof started going out in 2010. After they were seen kissing at Coachella, rumors started to spread that they were dating. In 2011, the couple’s quiet relationship came to an end.

Evan is also said to have gone out with Alex Breckenridge, who also stars in American Horror Story, from 2007 to 2010. Neither side has said anything about the rumor.

Dating History of Evan Peters

Emma Roberts Dated Evan Peters

Emma and Evan met when they worked on the movie “Adult World” together in February 2012. They didn’t start dating until the summer of 2012 when the movie came out. Evan then asked her to marry him during the holiday season of 2013. But in 2015, they broke off their engagement and were together again in just three months.

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Then, after nine months, they broke up again. Before they broke up in March 2019, they tried again to make their relationship work.

Alexia Quinn Dated Evan Peters

Alexia and Evan met in 2011 when they were both working on the play “Living at Home.” They started dating soon after. In January 2012, they both went to a club in Las Vegas to celebrate Evan’s birthday.

But they broke up not long after he began shooting “Adult World.”

Pixie Geldof Dated Evan Peters

In 2010, Pixie was 19 and Evan was 23. They started dating and were together for about a year.

People who saw them kissing at Coachella confirmed that they must be dating. In 2011, the couple broke up, which was sad.

Was Evan Peters Present at Work?

The sixth season of The Office featured him in the episode “Nepotism,” and he appeared as a captive on House in the episode “Last Resort.” His character, Luke, Michael’s half nephew, was a slacker with a short fuse whom Michael employed.


Evan Peters Has Appeared in How Many Seasons of Ahs?

Peters has appeared in every season of American Horror Story except for one. He has played a wide variety of roles, including Tate Langdon in Murder House, Kit Walker in Asylum, Kyle Spencer in Coven, Jimmy Darling in Freak Show, James Patrick March in Hotel, Edward Phillippe Mott and Rory Monahan in Roanoke, Kai Anderson in Cult, and four others.

Is the Ahs Saga Based on Actual Events?

American Horror Story is based on various actual events and historical individuals, sorry to ruin your dreams. As you may have guessed, many of the show’s plots are not entirely fictitious.

Evan Peters Appeared in What Disney Show?

The Next-Generation Phil. In 2004, he played Russell “SpongeBob” Hayes in the MGM movie Sleepover and Cooper Day on the ABC series The Days. In the first season of Phil of the Future on Disney Channel, he appeared as a recurring character named Seth Wosmer from 2004–2005.

Final Lines

Evan Peters split from Halsey in March 2020. His support of police during the Black Lives Matter protests may have caused the breakup. Evan was engaged to Emma Roberts for two years before breaking up with her. He is also said to have dated Alex Breckenridge from 2007 to 2010. The couple broke up for good at the beginning of 2019 after trying to make their relationship work.

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Evan Peters has appeared in every season of American Horror Story except for one. He played Tate Langdon in Murder House, Kit Walker in Asylum, and Kyle Spencer in Coven. In 2004, he played Russell “SpongeBob” Hayes in the MGM movie Sleepover.

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