Peter Weber Dating : Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Have Been Together for Years, but Their Relationship Isn’t Conventional!

American TV host and pilot Peter Christian Weber Jr. was born on August 4, 1991. After finishing in third place on Season 15 of The Bachelorette, Weber went on to star in Season 24 of The Bachelor.

Weber is a pilot with United Airlines when he’s not working as a TV host.

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Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Have Been Together for a Long Time, but Their Relationship Has Never Been Normal

During the premiere of season 24 of The Bachelor in January 2020, fans learned that in August 2019, the lawyer ran into the pilot at a hotel in Malibu.

Chris Harrison said in January 2020, “Kelley met Peter before the show was filmed.” “This is totally unrelated, but they met at a hotel where they were both going to different parties. She knew Peter, but Peter didn’t know her. She went up to him, they met, and they both think this could be fate.

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Even though their relationship on the show didn’t work out (more on that later), they ran into each other after filming.
Weber said on the “Viall Files” podcast in April 2020 that his relationship with Kelley was mostly made up of things that happened by chance.

“You have to go all the way back to when she and I ran into each other before all of this started. She knew she was going to run into me because she got a sign.

That was ridiculous. What I don’t think many people know is that, even though the show did happen, it didn’t go well for us on the show. After the show, I went to Miami, where I had the chance to go to the Super Bowl with my brother. On Saturday night, before the Super Bowl, I ran into her.

After their reunion in February 2020, they stayed in touch while he was getting to know the winner, Hannah Ann Sluss, and the runner-up, Madison Prewett. As viewers may remember, Weber proposed to Sluss at the end of the show, but they were only engaged for about two months.

Later, the airline pilot told Prewett, who quit during the last week, that he still liked her. In the end, they decided they were too different to be together.

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After breaking up with both women, Weber went back to Flanagan. Prewett, on the other hand, made it sound like he was still interested in dating her before he got serious with Flanagan.

“He was, like, calling and texting me and saying, ‘I miss you, let’s get back together.’… “He sent me a text message two days before he met Kelley,” Prewett said in April 2020. “You told me you loved me and wanted to be with me again, but now you’re with the person who was my best friend. It’s just that it hurts a little.”

Merissa Pence Dated Peter Weber

One of Weber’s first public relationships was with Merissa Pence, who works as a Marketing Coordinator for MSP Design Group in Norfolk, Virginia. Merissa says that she and Peter dated for about six months in 2012, but Weber says that the relationship wasn’t serious at all and that he saw her almost four times a month.

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People who watch Bachelor Nation know about Pence because she appeared on an episode during the season where she accused Victoria Fuller of breaking up marriages.

Calee Lutes Dated Peter Weber

Calee Lutes, who used to be Weber’s girlfriend, says that he broke up with her so he could be on season 15 of “The Bachelorette.” Lutes says she dated Weber for five months before they broke up in late December 2018.

They were in a serious relationship because they had met each other’s families and talked about starting a family. They talked about this right up until he ended their relationship.

He couldn’t give a specific reason, but he said he wanted to stop it before it got worse. Later, Lutes looked at his Instagram followers and saw that a producer for The Bachelorette had started following him. She thought she knew why they broke up, and when the list of contestants for season 15 came out and Weber was on it, she knew she was right.

She felt betrayed because Weber was interviewing for a reality dating show while he was also planning a future with her. Lutes says she wasn’t sure if she wanted to talk about the relationship in public, but she did want people to know about what Weber did.


Who Ends Up With Peter Weber?

Weber proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss during his famous season in 2020, but they broke up and he dated runner-up Madison Prewett for a short time. The couple broke up just days after the terrible After the special about The Final Rose aired, Weber started dating another contestant, Kelley Flanagan.

Is Peter and Hannah Ann Still Together?

Peter and Hannah decided in the end not to get back together, and Peter went on to get engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss, the winner of his Bachelorette season. Peter and Hannah Ann broke up in January 2020, right before his season of The Bachelor started.

On the Show, the Bachelor, What Happened to Peter’s Head?

Weber told the other contestants that he basically hit his head on a golf cart (hey, it happens to everyone, Weber) and then smashed his head into a glass he was carrying, which broke.

Final Lines

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan ran into each other after filming The Bachelor. They met at a hotel where they were both going to different parties. Their relationship on the show didn’t end up working out, but they did run into one another again after filming.

She reunited with the winner of the show, Josh Weber, who proposed to her at the end of the season. They decided they were just not right for each other.

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