SurrealEstate Season 2: Is Season 2 Returning After Initially Getting Canceled?

For those of you who are fans of SurrealEstate, we have some very exciting news. There have already been a number of announcements made regarding the time frame in which the show would be available. According to SYFY, the supernatural drama will soon have its second season available to viewers. Let’s find out everything fresh there is to know about the upcoming season of SurrealEstate.

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Quick Facts About SurrealEstate

Genre Fantasy Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller Drama
Country of origin Canada
Production companies Blue Ice Pictures, Take the Shot Productions
Location St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador
Written By Johnny B. Truant

Is SurrealEstate Season 2 Confirmed?

In October 2021, after the drama’s first season, the network decided to end it. The show’s creator, George Olson, said that they were determined to find a new home for the show when he said that it was being canceled one month after the end of season 1.

surreal estate season 2

This week, Syfy brought back SurrealEstate and gave it a second season. Olson was unable to find a new home for the show.

Olson thanked the viewers on Twitter as soon as he heard that the show would be back, saying that they were “the reason” for it.

SurrealEstate Season 2 Release Date

It has been confirmed by Syfy that SurrealEstate will return for a second season, but the network has not yet announced a release date. The creator of the show, George Olsen, announced in October 2021 that Syfy would not be renewing it for a second season and that he would attempt to locate a new network that would be interested in airing it.

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It was predicted that Syfy would return to its regular programming schedule in May of 2022. The beginning of second season will most likely take place in the year 2023.

SurrealEstate Season 2 Expected Cast

Rozon takes on the role of the show’s protagonist throughout its run. Agent Susan Ireland is portrayed by Sarah Levy, paranormal researcher Phil Orley is played by Adam Korson, Maurice plays the role of Tennille Read portrays Megan Donovan, Savannah Basley takes on the role of Zooey L’Enfant, and Dean Wint gives life to the role of technological specialist August Ripley.

SurrealEstate Season 2 Plot

People say that it’s hard to sell a house where something bad has happened. Because this is a bad superstition, many people try to avoid living in places that have a bad name. Someone wants to buy a house quickly because the price will go down.

surreal estate season 2

But even people who like free stuff and making money soon run to get out of the contract. Luke is well aware that some buildings are haunted, and he makes a living by selling these kinds of options. He doesn’t try to get rid of ghosts because he doesn’t know how.

But he tries to hide the signs that they were there so that the guests don’t see this unattractive side. He is not the only agent who goes along with these kinds of tricks. Luke doesn’t even feel bad about the kind of house he sold to good people who were too trusting. And who said ghosts are bad people to live near?

SurrealEstate Season 2: Trailer

No official trailer for season 2 of SurrealEstate has been put out by the production company. For now, you can watch the trailer for season 1 of SurrealEstate below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Writer of Surrealestate?

Johnny B. Truant wrote a series of books that the TV show is based on. Missions to colonize other planets have started because they are needed to make sure that people will still be alive when the ark is built in 100 years.

How Many Surrealestate Episodes Are There?

SurrealEstate has 10 episodes in season 1.

Where Can I Watch Surrealestate?

On July 16, 2021, the Canadian paranormal drama TV show SurrealEstate made its debut on the CTV Sci-Fi Channel.

Final Words

Syfy has confirmed that season 2 of SurrealEstate will come out. Most likely, the second season will start in 2023. In October 2021, it was announced that Syfy would not renew it for a second season and that he would try to find it a new home. SurrealEstate made its debut on the CTV Sci-Fi Channel on July 16, 2021. There is no official trailer for season 2 yet but you can watch the first season’s trailer below.