The Family Business Season 4 Release Date: Potential Release & Renewal Status 2022

BET+ now offers access to the fourth episode of The Family Business, so fans of the TV show won’t have to wait long to see more of their favorited programmed. The show is modelled after Carl Weber’s successful crime drama series. The Duncan’s are a tight-knit family who run an exotic car dealership in New York City by day, but whose dealings at night are more shady.

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On July 28, 2022, the fourth season of Family Business was cancelled. Many viewers are eager for information about when Season 4 of Family Business will premiere, who will be returning, and any other developments.

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Season 4 of Family Business: Release Date

The 28th of June, 2019 marked the premiere of one of the most successful French streaming television series, Family Business. Season 4 of the critically acclaimed show has finally arrived.

the family business season 4 release date

The show’s popularity skyrocketed after only a few episodes. Fans are dying to know when they can get their hands on Family Business Season 4, so when will it be available? As of July 28, 2022, Season 4 of Family Business was available to the public.

Season 4 of the Family Business Cast

  • Jonathan Cohen plays Joseph Hazan, an exhausted young man who works in his father’s butcher shop without much direction. The patriarch of the home and Joseph’s father. He’s the patriarch, too.
  • Hazan’s butcher shop, played by Gérard Darmon, is a central part of the plot. Ali Marhyar, also known as Ali Benkikir, is a good friend of Joseph’s. Aure Hazan is portrayed by Julia Piaton, who is also the sister of the film’s protagonist, Joseph.

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  • Oliver Rosemberg, who plays Olivier Pariente, was an orphan and was taken in by the Hazan family, where he has lived for the past few years. Ludmila Rozenberg, who happens to be Gérard’s mother-in-law, also happens to be Joseph and Aure’s grandma, Liliane Rovère, and she lives in the same house as the three of them.
  • Louise Coldefy plays Clémentine Cendron, a former aconitines of Joseph and Oliver’s who makes a cameo appearance in the film. Lina El Arabi is the one who plays the role of Ada Benkikir, Joseph’s girlfriend, in this episode.
  • An elusive drug lord, Jaures, is brought to life by Tamar Baruch in her performance. In this production, Enrico Macias plays the role of Himself, and Alexandra Vanderpool plays Catherine.

Plot of Season 4 of Family Business

The creators of Family Business have been mum on what we can expect from the show’s upcoming fourth season. The new season will undoubtedly pick up directly after Season 3. The family is explaining how murder has become part of their way of life. Hazan Meats was a slaughterhouse located in a neighborhood of Paris that recently saw the legalization of marijuana.

the family business season 4 release date

Most people didn’t think much of the idea of legalizing’s marijuana and just let it be sold and used in the same places as alcohol and tobacco.

When the Hazan family’s butcher shop wasn’t profitable enough to keep running, they saw an opportunity and converted it into a café that welcomes customers who use marijuana. By choosing to transform Hazan meat into cannabis, they embark on a difficult and time-consuming journey.

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This method of anonymity is commonly employed by government officials and the upper classes. With the help of his family, Joseph was able to reunite with his entire family in Paris after only a long separation.

The Trailer for Season 4 of Family Business

Creators of Season 4 of Family Business have not yet made available a trailer for the show. Season 3 of this show is set to premiere next month, but in the meantime, you can watch the teaser trailer for it here:

Final Lines

Family Business is one of the most popular shows in France. The show’s popularity skyrocketed after only a few episodes. Fans are dying to know when they can get their hands on Season 4, so when will it be available? As of July 28, 2022, Family Business was available to the public.

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Where can I find episode 4 of “Family Business?”

Carl Weber’s The Family Business, Season 4 is currently streaming on Bet+ Amazon Channel, Bet plus.

Carl Weber’s The Family Business aired for how many seasons?


Where did Paris’s interest in the family business go wrong?

LC, the patriarch of the Duncan family, had trained his infant daughter, Paris, to be a fierce fighter and deadly markswoman. Due to the urgency of the situation, she had even murdered her beloved. However, when LC was shot in the chest by a friend, it nearly ended Pari