Amber Heard: Blade Runner 2049, Is There Any Mention of Amber!

Amber Heard: Blade Runner 2049. Entertainment consultant Kathryn Arnold testified in the ongoing defamation dispute between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Several notable figures from the entertainment world have testified in the ongoing legal struggle between Heard and Depp. Which is now in its sixth and final week.

On Monday, May 23rd, Heard’s attorney Kathryn Arnold spoke on the case’s potential consequences for Heard’s career, drawing comparisons between Heard and Ana de Armas, the Cuban-Spanish actress who played in the most recent James Bond film. Some internet users, however, couldn’t tell whether Heard or Ana de Armas was in the 2017 film Blade Runner 2049.

Is There Any Mention of Amber in Blade Runner 2049?

The answer is no, Amber Heard did not make a cameo in Blade Runner 2049. In the film, Ana de Armas played the role of Joi. Starring with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in the 2017 science fiction film, the Knives Out and No Time To Die actress played a hologram love interest.

Additional cast members such as Sylvia Hoeks, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis, and Dave Bautista helped bring the film together. The sequel Blade Runner 2049 was a commercial and critical success, earning two Oscars in 2018 for Best Cinematography and Best Visual Effects.

It was Wayne Dennison, attorney for Johnny Depp, who questioned whether or not Heard actually had an appearance in the film.

Kathryn Arnold’s Witness and the Movie “Blade Runner 2049”

Kathryn Arnold testified in court on Monday, May 23, and offered a list of performers she felt were comparable to Heard in order to gauge the extent to which the case publicity had damaged Heard’s playing career. According to the industry insider, Ana de Armas’ “major studio film” that garnered “a lot of attention” was Blade Runner 2049, in which she played a pivotal role.

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“This is the one we can seek for her [Ana de Armas] as a landmark,” Arnold, when asked by Depp’s attorney if she remembered Armas’ involvement in the film, said, “It was years ago, I don’t remember precisely what role she had but she was in that movie, and from there, her agency should have leveraged that to get her more pictures.”

You don’t realize that her main function in that film was to be a giant naked billboard, do you? A lawyer for Depp inquired. Kathryn compared Heard to a number of other Hollywood actors besides Ana de Armas, such as Jason Momoa, Gal Gadot, Zendaya, and Chris Pine.

Zack Braff’s Split From Florence Pugh, According to the Media

Arnold also stated under cross-examination that Heard made $2 million total for both Aquaman films. Claims that Heard could have negotiated a $4 million salary for Aquaman 2, but she turned down the offer since she was “extremely negative” in the eyes of the public.

Arnold said that if Heard had agreed to a $4 million movie deal each year, she would have made a total of $20 million. Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against Heard after she wrote an opinion piece for the Washington Post in 2018. Depp is being sued back by Heard. This lawsuit is scheduled to proceed.

Actress Amber Heard as Mera in the Aquaman Movie

Amber played Mera, Arthur Curry’s love interest and the princess of Xebel, and a warrior and daughter of King Nereus, in “Aquaman.” She was brought up by Queen Atlanna and prepared for her eventual role as monarch. Hydrokinetic powers, which Mera possesses, allow her to influence the behavior of water and the hydrosphere.

amber heard blade runner 2049

Since the ocean is such a large and open area, it is easy to get disoriented; luckily, she possesses telekinetic powers that allow her to talk to the rest of her marine kin.

Though some reviewers said she was “stiff” and “lacked chemistry with her primary co-star Jason,” she “did well with the character she was given” and delivered a strong performance.

Amber Heard, How Much Did You Make for Aquaman?

With increasing scrutiny over Amber Heard’s whereabouts, we’re delving into the confidential details (her salary) of her most successful film role. The question is, how much did Amber Heard get for Aquaman? There have been rumors that Amber was paid $5 million for the original Aquaman film and “just” $2 million for the planned sequel because of the uproar surrounding the first film (although reports say it is for other reasons).

In light of recent reports and testimony, we know that Amber Heard “only” made $1 million from the first film and that she reported $2 million from Aquaman 2 is accurate. It’s understandable that, in light of the recent “fuss” and drama surrounding Amber Heard and her divorce from Johnny Depp, you’d be interested in learning more about her work, particularly the upcoming Aquaman movie.


It’s a myth that Amber Heard appeared in Blade Runner 2049. The lawyer was probably referring to Ana de Armas, who played Ryan Gosling’s love interest in Blade Runner 2049 when she made her comment on the movie’s billboard. Despite the fact that fans were confused, they were not referring to Amber Heard.