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Vegeta Cult: What Is It? Social Media Has Been Taken Over by This!

TikTok’s fads aren’t necessarily centered on the videos that serve as the app’s bread and butter content. When a change to a user’s profile picture becomes popular on the site, plenty of other people usually follow suit and update their own images. The Vegeta Cult is the most recent fad to spread throughout the network in this way, but unlike most cults, it isn’t very dangerous.

It seems like every few months, a new “cult” emerges on TikTok to throw everyone for a loop. The Vegeta Cult is the latest cult to dominate TikTok. TikTok users who identify as a single group and hold similar beliefs are not a cult in the sense depicted in horror films; rather, they are just like any other organization.

We start with the blue profile picture-wearing Step Chicken’s Cult that went viral. And then there were the rabid Lana Del Rey devotees, known as the Lana Cult. One last thing: the Mexican horchata cult.

The Vegeta Cult: What Is It?

The Vegeta Cult is a religious sect devoted to Vegeta. These TikTok users have found one other over a shared appreciation for Vegeta, the anti-hero from Dragon Ball Z and related media. Vegeta, the prince of the alien race the Saiyans, has become a pop culture symbol in part because of his pride and in part because of his journey from villain to reluctant hero.

vegeta cult

Those who share a passion for the figure can easily join the cult, which was supposedly launched on TikTok by a user going by the handle @ vegetated in June of this year. Simply updating your profile photo will accomplish this (PFP). Though a photo of Vegeta is acceptable for your PFP, there are other specifications you should follow.

Converting to the Vegeta Cult’s PFP Are Outlined Here

If you want to be accepted into the Vegeta Cult, your new profile photo must feature an anime character donning Vegeta’s signature green ‘SAB’ jacket. Fortunately, images of numerous characters do exist on the internet with the jacket. In order to switch to a different persona, all you have to do is alter your profile image.

All that’s left to do now that you’ve joined the Vegeta Cult is to post incessantly about it on your social media accounts. These messages are used to recruit new members and grow the cult’s ranks. The ultimate goal of any self-respecting TikTok cult is to overwhelm the service and leave those who haven’t joined them bewildered. As of right now, it appears to be effective.

Vegeta: Legendary Figure in the World of Anime

Vegeta’s dominance on TikTok is, to some extent, understandable. He has become a cultural figure because of his status as an antihero who frequently expresses extreme displays of egotism and pride.

vegeta cult

Many viewers look to Vegeta to balance out the show’s protagonist, Goku, who is so pure and nice. Although Vegeta could be the first anime character to dominate the TikTok platform, he could easily be followed by many more.

There is a large and loud community of people that enjoy anime, and they aren’t shy about showing it. Even though Vegeta is one of the most well-known anime characters, there are many others that anime fans might rally behind to take over TikTok.

Social Media Has Been Taken Over by the Vegeta Cult

It’s not hard to understand the Vegeta Cult’s ultimate goal. Dominate the online world!

As soon as you’ve switched your profile photo and joined the “cult,” you’ll be expected to spread the word about the Vegeta Cult by posting constantly about it.

Cults on TikTok have succeeded in deceiving the general public and seizing control of the app.

Wrap Up

Users who have joined the Vegeta Cult on TikTok had their profile pictures altered to feature an image of a character wearing Vegeta’s green jacket from Dragon Ball Super: Broly. After that, people start following each other and swarming the comment sections of selected popular TikTokers to plot a coup.

The cult formed in the latter half of June 2021 and expanded during the subsequent two months. Like the Hamster Cult, when users all altered their profile images to the Staring Hamster meme, this phenomenon appears to be a cult on the video-sharing platform TikTok.

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