What is Sondra Locke Cause of Death? “Heart is a Lonely Hunter” 1968 Oscar Nominator!

Among American actresses, Sondra Locke stands as a true icon. It was in The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter that Sondra Locke, an Oscar winner, made her film debut. Later, she was in other successful movies like Willard, The Outlaw, and Any Which Way You Can.  Now we are curious to know, What is Sondra Locke Cause of Death?

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Introducing Sondra Locke: A Life Story

On May 28, 1944, Sondra Locke entered the world in Madison County, Ohio, United States of America. Specifically, her full name is Sandra Louise Anderson. Little is known about her family, including the names and careers of her parents and siblings. Even though she was a loyal American citizen and a firm believer in Jesus Christ.

sondra locke cause of death

She was also of the Caucasian race. She was born in the sign of Gemini. She completed high school right there in Shelbyville, at Shelbyville Central Senior High. She also has a degree from Middle Tennessee State University, where she studied for her bachelor’s.

Husband of Sondra Locke

On September 25th, 1967, Locke tied the knot with sculptor Gordon Leigh Anderson. In court documents, she claims that she and Anderson (said to be homosexual) never had sexual contact and compares their relationship to that of “sister and brother.” “More like a sister to me,” Locke says of her spouse.

sondra locke cause of death

Locke was in a relationship with Clint Eastwood, the actor, from 1975 till 1989. Even though they had met in 1972, it wasn’t until the set of The Outlaw Josey Wales that they started dating. After Eastwood moved Locke’s belongings out of their Bel-Air house and changed the locks while she was filming Impulse, Locke sued him for palimony in 1989.

After a year of litigation, the two sides settled out of court with Eastwood arranging a film directing contract with Warner Bros. for Locke.

What is Sondra Locke Cause of Death?

Locke passed away on November 3, 2018, at the age of 74, from breast and bone cancer-related cardiac arrest at her home in Los Angeles.

Gordon Anderson, her widower, received the ashes from the cremation of her body on November 9 at Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary.

The news of Locke’s death did not spread until December 13, the day before the countrywide release of Eastwood’s latest box office smash The Mule (2018). According to the AP: “it is not obvious why it took nearly six weeks to come to light.”

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The AP article states that they were unable to reach Anderson for comment. Locke reportedly bequeathed $20 million to Anderson and seemed to constantly take care of his financial needs.

Career: Sondra Locke

One of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood history is Sandra Locke. She has contributed much to society in many different capacities. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter marked the debut of the Academy Award-winning actress in 1968. The first attempt was very fruitful. She starred in several more movies after her initial success.

sondra locke cause of death

Outlaw Willard Some of the movies she has been in include: Josey Wales, The Gauntlet, Every Which Way But Loose, Bronco Billy, Any Which Way You Can, and Sudden Impact. Several of the movies were also directed by her. The movies Ratboy, Impulse, Death in Small Doses, and Trading Favors are just a few examples.

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In addition, she has performed in numerous plays. There are many such works; some examples include The Monkey’s Paw, Life with Father, The Crucible, Life with Mother, The Innocents, A Thousand Clowns, Night of the Iguana, and Tiger at the Gates.

Expansion of the Above

In a memoir about their romance, the Oscar nominee lamented the end of her “charming” existence. She claimed that Clint had given her a house as a gift, but then he changed the locks and hid her possessions outside the house.

In 1985, Sondra filed a fraud complaint against her ex-partner, alleging that the movie deal he secured for her was nothing more than a ruse designed to convince her to withdraw the palimony claim.

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The highly publicized action was resolved in 1996 for an unknown sum. Sondra published her autobiography The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly: A Hollywood Journey the following year.

Sondra Locke: Achievements and Nominations

Actress Sondra Locke, nominated for an Oscar, has died at her home in Los Angeles. For 13 years, Sondra was in a relationship with actor Clint Eastwood, and the two went on to star in six films together. In 1976, movies like The Outlaw Josey Wales were released. Sudden Impact, released in 1983, was her last collaboration with the filmmaker.

sondra locke cause of death

The supporting role she played in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter earned her a 1968 Oscar nomination. The actress, whose real name is Sandra Louise Smith but who now goes by Sondra, became famous after changing her identity. She was born in Tennessee and gained early acting experience in local theater and radio.

To Sum Up

At her Los Angeles home on November 3, Sondra Locke passed away. According to her death certificate obtained by the Associated Press, the actress died of a heart attack brought on by breast and bone cancer.

A report of her passing was made to the proper authorities at the time. Because of breast cancer, the famous actress had surgery and chemotherapy in the year 1990.