What Carl the Cuban Ruiz Cause Of  Death? Guy Fieri Spouts the Truth!

What Carl the Cuban Ruiz Cause Of  Death? Several lucky March 29th viewers of Food Network were able to rewatch the April 1st Guy’s Grocery Games show in which Carl Ruiz was honored. Take a glance below to learn about the tragic end of the singer’s life.

Carl was a staple on the Food Network, and this throwback show brought back a lot of fond memories for longtime fans. In the wake of the death of a skilled chef, many people flocked to social media to express their sorrow. Yet others praised the network for its touching memorial to the chef’s life and career.

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Carl the Cuban Ruiz: Early Life

Carl “The Cuban” Ruiz, born Carl Albert Ruiz on April 4, 1975, passed away on September 21, 2019. He was a well-known celebrity chef and restaurant owner in the United States, and he served as a judge on several Food Network shows, including Guy’s Grocery Games. His parents were of Colombian and Cuban descent.

carl the cuban ruiz death

It was their mom and grandma’s food that, according to Carl’s brother George, inspired him to become a chef. He enrolled at the prestigious Collegiate School. He had attended New York’s prestigious Institute of Culinary Education and emerged as a highly skilled chef.

Even Though He Was Cuban, His Cuisine Preferences Were Quite Broad

In spite of his Cuban roots, Ruiz’s cuisine isn’t exclusively Cuban. The chef’s mastery of so many different cuisines was astounding. He and his wife, Marie, founded an Italian restaurant since he was so fond of the cuisine.

Italian comfort food, the kind that makes it hard to get out of bed for a few hours after eating, was on the menu at Marie’s Italian Specialties (or over-consuming, as the case may be).

carl the cuban ruiz death

The mussels prepared by Ruiz were a crowd pleaser at Marie’s restaurant. As a cook on Prince Edward Island, he picked up several tips regarding seafood, including the fact that mussels taste better when stored in distilled and salted water.

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Customers loved Ruiz’s big portions and complimentary tiny cannolis, which he gave out of the goodness of his heart and to show how much he cared about their satisfaction.

What Carl the Cuban Ruiz Cause Of Death?

Carl was the executive chef at the La Cubana restaurant in New York and a regular contestant on the Food Network shows “Guy’s Grocery Games” and “Guy’s Ranch Kitchen.” After triumphing in the “Guy’s Grocery Games,” he went on to serve as a celebrity judge for the show.

Carl passed away on September 21 from clogged arteries 2019. Bruce Goldfarb of the Maryland Department of Health confirmed the news of his death. The cause of death, he told USA Today, was “atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, natural causes.”

carl the cuban ruiz death

After Carl’s death, an official statement was also issued by La Cubana. In a statement, the La Cubana family said, “With heavy hearts, we share the passing of our dear Executive Chef Carl Ruiz.”

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As the statement went on to say, “No words can properly explain our anguish at the tragic passing of our great friend and brother. Carl’s larger-than-life attitude, in addition to his incredible cooking skills, made a positive impact on everyone he met during his #Ruizing travels.

Guy Fieri Spouts the Truth About Carl Ruiz’s Death

The confirmation of Carl’s death prompted Guy Fieri to come out and end his quiet as well. ‘I’m devastated by the loss of my dear friend and fellow chef Carl Ruiz,’ he sobbed. How wonderful of a friend he was to me and my loved ones is beyond my ability to express.

His culinary skills were second only to his uncanny ability to make me laugh and grin no matter what was going on. Though I’ve made many wonderful friends over the years, Carl is one in a million. I, along with everyone else who had the pleasure of knowing Carl “The Cuban” Ruiz, will always cherish our memories of him.

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In honor of Carl, Guy’s Grocery Games aired a special memorial episode, which helped cement Carl’s place in viewers’ minds as one of the show’s most talented chefs.

Wrap Up

Most notably, Guy Fieri spoke out about his deep affection for chef Carl Ruiz, who was both a friend and a student of Guy’s. Through a tweet, he expressed his sadness at Carl Ruiz’s passing.

How wonderful of a friend he was to me and my loved ones is beyond my ability to express. His culinary skills were second only to his ability to make me laugh and grin no matter what was going on.