Brian Mcknight Net Worth: A Topic of Interest Among His Followers!

Having been born on June 5, 1969, Brian Kelly McKnight is an American singer, record producer, actor, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. He’s 52 years old and has played in a wide variety of bands. He came from a musical background and sang in the Seventh Day Adventist church choir. He directed the high school band. The album sales accounted for all of Brain McKnight’s net worth in the millions.

The Mighty Clouds of Joy and the Swan Silvertones were early influences on him and his brothers as they created a musical quartet. As a musician, Brain McKnight has garnered multiple accolades. Black Dynamite, Daddy’s Little Girl, and A County Christmas are just a few of the films in which he has appeared.

History of Brian Mcknight’s Profession

Originally from New York, Brains McKnight spent his formative years in Buffalo. Elaine and Claude McKnight are his parents. He got his education at Oakwood University, Emmanuel Temple, and Orlando Maynard Evans High School. As a member of the church choir, he was exposed to many musicals during his formative years.

brian mcknight net worth

But at age 19, he signed with Mercury Records’s sublabel Wing Records. After some downtime, in 1992 he released an album simply titled “that became a financial success. His second album, titled “I Remember You,” was released later that year in August 1995. He also debuted “Anytime,” another commercially popular song from an album he released.

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Subsequently, in 1999, he released another album titled “Back at One,” which also achieved multi-platinum success. He waited two years before releasing another album, this time titled “Superhero,” on the Motown Records label. Following this, he released a string of albums over the next decade: “U-Turn” in 2003, “Gemini” in 2005, “Just Me” in 2011, “More than words” in 2013, and “Better and An Evening with Brian McKnight” in 2016.

As a featured performer, Brain McKnight has shared the stage with Kyla, Bebe, Boyz II Men, and Will Smith, among others.

Discography of Brian McKnight

Over the course of his career, Brian McKnight has released 40 singles in addition to 12 studio albums, 2-holiday albums, 6 video albums, and 40 video album soundtracks.

Family Members of Brian McKnight

Their names are Claude Sr. and Elaine McKnight, and they are the proud parents of Brian. His mom has a few different careers: she’s a designer, an actress, and a model. Two brothers, Claude and Michael McKnight complete his family.

Wife of Brian McKnight

In 1990, Brian McKnight wed his undergraduate sweetheart, the singer-songwriter Julie McKnight. They shared custody of their two children, Brain Jr., and Niko, until their divorce in 2003. Even so, Brain McKnight moved on from his divorce and began dating Dr. Leilani Malia Mendoza.

brian mcknight net worth

The couple announced their engagement in May of 2017 and tied the knot on December 29 of the same year. They’ve been married for a long time now. Besides being wealthy around $10 million, his wife is a pediatric neuro physiologist.

Kids of Brian McKnight

Biologically, Brian McKnight and his wife have had two children. The younger McKnight is Brian’s son, and he goes by the name Brain McKnight Jr. A daughter was born to him on November 26, 2001. They sent her to Xavier University Preparatory School. Besides their two children, Brian and his wife don’t have any other children.

How Much Money Does Brian Mcknight Have in the Bank?

According to celebritynetworth Ten million dollars is how much money Brian McKnight, an American singer, songwriter, and actor, has. McKnight has been nominated for sixteen Grammys, making him the third most nominated artist of all time. ‘The Brian McKnight Morning Show’ launched McKnight into the public eye.

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In a typical year, Brian McKnight brings in an estimated $1,130,000 in wealth. Despite the fact that Brian McKnight’s actual wealth has yet to be confirmed, our site has used available information to estimate a sum of $1.13 million.

However, it has been speculated that Brian McKnight’s wealth is significantly more. Brian McKnight’s net worth might increase to $1.59 million after accounting for these other revenue streams.

Home and Cars

It was in Los Angeles that Brian McKnight, then 19 years old, made his permanent home. His home of 20 years, a modern take on the Mediterranean design, is now on the market for $1.799 million.

brian mcknight net worth

However, he now resides in a 7,200-square-foot mansion in Orlando. The amenities of this house include –

  • A Spanish and Conventional features blend
  • A trim reaching to the twin smokestacks

Brian Mcknight Net Worth: A Topic of Interest Among His Followers

Monthly views on Brian McKnight’s YouTube channel average 4.72 million, or about 157,28,000 each day.

Advertisements are displayed on monetized channels in exchange for financial compensation every time one of their videos is viewed a thousand times. Channels that are monetized on YouTube can make anything from $3 to $7 for every 1,000 views. We may extrapolate that Brian McKnight earns $18,87,000 per year, or $283,112,000 per year, based on these factors.

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A small but significant number of channels on YouTube earn significantly more than $7 per thousand video views. On the highest end, Brian McKnight might perhaps earn more than $509.6 thousand a year.


Nonetheless, it is unusual for YouTube celebrities to have only one source of income. Sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and paid speaking engagements are all potential alternative revenue streams that might significantly outpace ad revenue.