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Daymond John Net Worth: FUBU Founder Early Life| Career Info!

The American clothing label FUBU was founded by Daymond John, who is also the company’s chief executive officer. He has a diverse background that includes authorship, television, and investment. Daymond joined the cast of ABC’s ‘Shark Tank‘ in 2009, and he has since made several profitable investments. What could be Estimated Daymond John Net Worth?

He has authored four novels and is the best-selling author in the ‘New York Times. He also launched the business training course “Next Level Success.” Here in the given article, you will get to know about Daymond John Net Worth.

Early Life: Daymond John

John was born on February 23, 1969, in Brooklyn. He spent most of his childhood in the Hollis neighborhood of Queens, where he attended Catholic school for seven years. His parents split up when he was ten, and he got his first job selling pamphlets for $2 (about $7.42 today).

daymond john net worth

While in high school, he participated in a program that allowed him to work full-time while still attending classes once a week, an experience he says gave him an entrepreneurial spirit.

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After completing high school, he launched a commuter van service and waited tables at Red Lobster. When John was 16, his mom started dating a Jewish lawyer who became like a second father to him.

Personal Life of Daymond John

Daymond John had his first wife and two daughters in his early twenties. He was currently focused on his work. The end outcome was that his wife left him. The couple eventually separated and divorced. Daymond and Heather Taras tied the knot in 2018. Their daughter’s name was Minka Jagger. In 2017, Daymond was given the diagnosis of thyroid carcinoma. After that, he went in for surgery, and the results were so good that he no longer needed treatment for his cancer. Recognition and Progression for Daymond John

Daymond John embarked on his professional life at a tender age. He had to start working at an early age to help support himself after his parents split up. Then, sometime later, he launched a men’s clothing label called FUBU. John’s stepfather inspired him to launch this business and ended up being an invaluable asset to the venture.

daymond john net worth

John’s mom’s house was the first office for his startup company. John credits his mom with everything he’s accomplished. John and his neighbor in the early 1990s made and sold wool ski caps for $10 each, which was less than half the going rate at the time.

Later on, he ventured into the business of selling T-shirts with screen prints. However, he also needed to work at Red Lobster in the beginning to meet his financial obligations. A little later, John and his mom mortgaged their house to help out the business. The company’s total sales thus far amount to $6 billion.

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John is not only a frequent guest on television, but he also works as an investor on the show Shark Tank. John is not only a successful businessman, but he is also widely acclaimed as a writer. Daymond has won a slew of accolades, including NAACP honors, Congressional honors, and more.

John Daymond: Education

Daymond During his formative years, John attended a Catholic school. He attended that elementary school for his first seven years before transferring to Bayside High. John graduated from Bayside High School and went on to begin his professional life. He established the wildly successful FUBU apparel brand. Check out the wealth of Willie Wilson as well.

Estimated Daymond John Net Worth

According to wealthygorilla As of April of 2022, Daymond John has a $350 million fortune. His wealth has increased by $50 million since 2020.

daymond john net worth

Recently, he has opened Blueprint and Co., a shared office space, and “Daymond On-Demand,” a video training platform. In 2016, President Obama chose Daymond John to serve as his personal envoy for international business. To aid in the development of small company opportunities and to promote business empowerment, he traveled to Kenya and Cuba.

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Daymond John was found to have thyroid cancer in 2019. The discovery of a tumor in his throat was alarming at first, but it was safely removed.

Wealthy Daymond John’s Assets


Daymond John is a famous businessman and entrepreneur from the United States. John lives in Brooklyn, and he has a huge mansion there. Additionally, John has real estate holdings in both Los Angeles and Chicago. A look into T. Boone Pickens’s wealth is in order.


Daymond John is incredibly wealthy and has a wide collection of vehicles. John’s collection of luxury automobiles includes several Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes, and an Aston Martin, among others. He regularly utilizes the majority of his automobile collection.


American society recognizes Daymond John as a major figure. Since the beginning of his career in the early 1990s, he has gone from strength to strength. The financial struggles of John’s family forced him to start working at an early age. In the wake of the success of his clothesline, he gained worldwide recognition. For his efforts, John has received numerous awards. He is also a brilliant writer, with works that have become New York Times and Washington Post bestsellers.

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