Is Elle Fanning Dating Max Minghella? Are They Still Together?

The question of who Elle Fanning is dating has been asked for quite some time. U.S. actress Elle Fanning. As an actress, she first appeared in the drama film I A Sam. As a young performer, she appeared in films such as Babel and Somewhere, as well as the TV series Phoebe in Wonderland. In 2011, she was named Actress of the Year at the Young Hollywood Awards. At the 2011 Hollywood Film Festival, she was honoured with the Spotlight Award.

In this article, we talk about the most pressing question on everyone’s mind: who is Elle Fanning dating right now?

elle fanning dating

The actress Elle Fanning has been dating Max Minghella since 2018. Her fiance is a producer, director, and screenwriter for English-language films. He also works as an actor.

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The Formative Years of Elle Fanning

Her mom is a pro tennis player named Heather Joy, and her dad is an electronics merchant who used to play in the minor leagues of baseball. The daughter of Heather Joy and Steven J. Fanning, Mary Elle Fanning was born on April 9, 1998, in Conyers, Georgia.

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Her grandfather, former NFL player Rick Arrington, and grandmother, ESPN sports reporter Jill Arrington, are her role models and namesakes. Elle Fanning decided to get into show business like her famous older sibling, Dakota Fanning. The sisters grew up in the Southern Baptist tradition.

Where Does She Meet This Max Minghella?

The part of Divya Narendra in “The Social Network” made Max Giorgio Choa Minghella a household name. The musical film Teen Spirit, which he directed and scripted, was an independent production. Max’s place of birth is recorded as Hampstead, London.

Filmmaker Anthony Minghella is his father. Max also spent a lot of time on his father’s sets, and he appreciated that his father never put any pressure on him to follow in his footsteps and become an actor. In high school, he attended both St. Anthony’s Preparatory School and University College School. Completing his coursework was a top priority for him.

elle fanning dating

Max was moved to action after watching a performance of “This is our Youth.” He abandoned his academic pursuits in favour of an acting career. Max’s portrayal of the son of a troubled Jewish-American family won him high praise from critics. Unfortunately, the film was not well received and was a financial failure, taking in only $1 million at the box office.

But Max had no interest in acting at all. He was set on becoming a music director from the time he was a young child till he was sixteen. Max was cast as the son of George Clooney’s CIA agent character in 2005. The film “Syriana” was an example of a political thriller.

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Furthermore, in 2018, he directed the film Teen Spirit, at which time dating rumours between Elle and Max were widely spread. A couple holding hands in Florence, Italy, according to US Weekly. Max never once looked less than perfect in public. His private life was always kept under wraps, and he never sought attention for it.

Do You Think Elle Fanning and Max Minghella Are Dating?

When Elle and Max attended the 2019 Met Gala in New York City together, their relationship became public knowledge. Elle gushed about her boyfriend and how great it is to work with him in an ET interview, while Max praised her as the only actress who could have carried the film. Elle and Max are quite compatible despite the age difference since they share a strong desire for personal space.

They were caught on camera holding hands in the year 2020 as they brought home the family pet. And it’s evident that Elle and Max are planning their future together precisely, so they’re not the type to post images of themselves online and divulge pretty much everything about their relationship.

elle fanning dating

He talked about Elle Fanning in interviews more like a director than a ‘lover.’ A week after they were seen wandering around the Met Gala together, they were also seen strolling the streets of Silver Lake, California. Bono’s daughter Eve Hewson was previously linked to Mar before he dated Elle. In addition, rumours circulated that Elle and Zalman Band were an item.

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They began dating in 2015, but after only a short time together, they split up. In 2014, there were allegations regarding her relationship with Dylan Beck. They were frequently seen out and about in LA together. Elle and Max are in a strong position, even though they haven’t made any public statements yet. But will they remain a couple forever? That information is currently unavailable.


Elle Fanning has a boyfriend right now. Since August 1, 2018, she has been seeing Max Minghella. Her boyfriend at the time was actor Zalman Band. She was spotted on a brunch date when she was reportedly holding hands with her partner. She had an affair with Zalman Band in 2014, but they broke up not long after.
Previously, she and Dylan Beck had an open relationship. They started dating in 2014, and she stated that she has never been in a relationship before with Dylan.