Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim Dating: ‘selling Sunset’ Co-stars Everything We Know So Far!

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s growing romance is featured in the fifth season of Selling Sunset, which aired its reunion this morning!! (who sadly broke up in December 2021).

It’s either new to you or you’re simply looking for an opportunity to revisit the intricacies of Chrishell and Jason’s courtship and eventual breakup, so keep reading for a chronology of their relationship and where they are today.

Oppenheim Group employee Stause announced her relationship with the company’s co-owner on Instagram in the summer of 2021. However, before the end of the year, they had broken up because of their divergent views on establishing a family.

chrishell stause and jason oppenheim dating

As the story progresses, we get a closer look at their relationship as it develops. In the video, the pair shares heartfelt declarations of love. “I’m in love, sweetie,” says Oppenheim to Stause at dinner.

When it comes to supporting Stause and Oppenheim, you’re not the only one: The pair has a lot of support from their coworkers, including Mary Fitzgerald, who was once romantically linked to

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Everything we know about their relationship, in their own words, is here for you.

J. Lo’s ‘impact,’ and the Instigating July 2021 Instagram Post

‘Selling Sunset’ co-stars Stause and Oppenheim are vacationing in Greece in the summer of 2021 when the show begins.

After that, they’re already a married pair. Before the trip, Stause claims their connection had developed. “As a small group of friends, we had originally intended to take this vacation to Europe to see the sights. We were close buddies after that. “I don’t have to alter anything,” she remarked in the first episode as their friendship grew. “It’s like the first time in my life I’ve felt like I can be who I truly am.” When you’re seeking for something, sometimes it’s there in front of you, so I think that’s true.

Their Instagram account went public during their Mediterranean vacation. Stause teased her new romance in July 2021 by posting images of the two of them cuddling together in Italy. ‘The JLo effect,’ she captioned the photos.

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The “J. Lo effect,” coined by the New York Times to parody singer Jennifer Lopez’s many triumphs, can be a method to characterize personal success.

During Their Time in Quarantine, Stause Recalled How They ‘did Not See It Coming’ When Their Relationship Began

When the coronavirus epidemic reduced their social groups, Stause and Oppenheim began to consider each other as prospective spouses, she told TODAY.

This was supposed to be a fun night with a small group of folks that I ended up hanging out with and it just sort of transpired where I guess what started out as something that was a bit… In November 2021, she told TODAY that “things just truly took a turn.” Both of us were somewhat aback by how different our future visions were. “It was a good surprise.”

chrishell stause and jason oppenheim dating

In my life, I’ve never felt happier than I do right now. However, no one is more shocked than the two of us. According to Stause, “I mean… we didn’t see this coming.”

Stause Stated That She Was Able to Be ‘myself’ in the Relationship.

In “Selling Sunset,” Stause talked about dating Oppenheim after a long acquaintance. “Backwards of any relationship” she had ever been in before since she was able to express herself freely.

In the past, it wasn’t like that. A chef cooked dinner for me one time to make it appear as though I prepared it myself. During the broadcast, Stause remarked, “I’m simply saying there was none of it.” Since the beginning, I’ve simply been myself since there was nothing romantic about it.

When They First Met, They Were Referred to as “Best Buddies”

According to Stause’s account, they began their relationship as friends. “Jason was there for every breakup and terrible day that I had, and we got close over all those chats. She claimed that he had “become my best buddy.”

Stause’s first date with a person she had previously known was a successful one. In November 2021, she told Entertainment Tonight, “I’ve never had a circumstance arise before where I became best friends with someone first.” “It’s been a liberating experience.” Everything about me — was good, terrible, and ambiguous. Whatever. The easiest method to go about it is this:

Stause said, “We knew everything about each other.” “We have a great working relationship and a lot of respect for one another. “That’s a great way to get a relationship off to a solid start.”

Due to Their Differing Personalities, It Took a Long for Them to Get to Know Each Other

When she first saw Oppenheim, Stause didn’t find him attractive since he was shorter than her. For “a long period,” she claimed, she saw him in this light.

In the past, he had a type, and so had I. “I’ll be honest,” Stause remarked. “I had a height issue.” “I had no idea he was acting that way. It’s hilarious.”

It wasn’t until they had sex that they realized how much they loved one another. For Stause, this was the beginning of her first relationship in which she felt free to be who she really is, rather than just joking about it later.

On ‘selling Sunset,’ Stause Talked About Their Sex Lives.

While shopping for lingerie with her coworker Heather Rae (née) Young for “Selling Sunset,” Stause talked about her and Oppenheim’s sexual life.

Surely, he’s seen me in a lot of strange outfits. With a laugh, Stause stated, “I chose my nightgowns to let him know what’s going to happen.” She then pointed to a gorgeous satin nightgown.

Wearing such a garment would allow me to “pass go” in the eyes of my audience. She laughed, “You could get $200.

By the End of 2021, Everyone Will Have Gone From Being Friends to Lovers to Ex-lovers

Although they were clearly happy together, “Selling Sunset” explores why the relationship didn’t work out after just six months of dating.

Stause is described as an “amazing” mother by Oppenheim, but he isn’t sure he wants to be the father of her child.

To me, it’s a challenge to do that.” Locked in, I’ve got the prize! I discovered the secret to living. “It’s everything I’ve ever wished for, and I’m in a relationship with someone who truly cares about me.”

After the Separation, Oppenheim Maintained He Still Had Feelings for Stause

Us Weekly spoke to Oppenheim about the “very tough” choice to end the relationship ahead of season five’s debut.

chrishell stause and jason oppenheim dating

“I’m still in love with her.” I’ll always be here for you. There’s a lot of heartbreak because she’s a wonderful person. Even if this has been a challenging procedure, it’s going to take a lot longer than I expected “he commented.

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“It doesn’t help that I have to re-watch it and then attend a reunion and talk about it. “The next two weeks are going to be difficult,” he remarked.

During the Season Five Reunion, They Talk About Their “Extremely Tough Split”

During the Season Five reunion, Oppenheim broke down in tears when he talked about the breakup with Tan France.

According to Oppenheim, viewing the performance made it much more difficult to deal with the feelings of grief and loss. It’s been months, but I’m still going through things. There was a lot of love between us, and I still care about her a lot, so this split has been really painful.”


Given their fondness for one another, Stause underlined how tough the post-breakup path has been for them. As Stause put it, “It’s incredibly tough when you still have sentiments there.”. Even if getting over someone who has irritated you is simpler, “it’s just been a bit more challenging in this situation.”

In a current relationship, Stause is seeing the Australian singer G Flip.