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Charlie Chaplin Spouse: the “Little Tramp” and His Four Wives, All Information

The “Little Tramp” figure played by Charlie Chaplin has been amusing audiences across the world for years.

The moustachioed, ill-fitting-clothes humorous man featured in scores of silent films, getting into scrapes, amorous misunderstandings, and foolish disagreements with the characters he encountered. In addition to being an accomplished actor, Charlie Chaplin also excelled as a director, producer, and composer while growing up in a London workhouse and performing on vaudeville stages.

charlie chaplin spouse

In addition, his life was rife with controversy. After his four marriages, he had to leave his chosen country of America to live in exile in Switzerland since two of his wives were barely 16 years old when he married them.

Chaplin’s 88-year career as an entertainer, creative genius, and at times controversial fame. Stacker researched media sources, biographies, and cinematic histories in order to compile the list.

Hannah and Charles Chaplin Sr., who were music hall comedians, gave birth to Charlie Chaplin on 16 April 1889 in South London. When Chaplin was ten, he joined The Eight Lancashire Lads, a group of clog dancers. They went on a tour of the country.

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Casey’s Circus, a burlesque troupe, cast Chaplin in a number of roles. He joined The Karno Co., a well-known comic theatre and vaudeville travelling troupe, with his older brother, Sydney, who was also a performer.

The Year in Which the “Little Tramp” First Appeared

Originally appearing in the 1914 film “Kid Auto Races At Venice,” the “Little Tramp” character is a creation of Charlie Chaplin’s. A go-kart race was disturbed by Chaplin’s character, a spectator. In the film, the performers were able to improvise with genuine race fans while filming at a real racetrack.

In the Year of Our Lord 1914, Feature Film Debut

“Making a Living” was the first film starring Charlie Chaplin, released in 1914. Chaplin portrayed Edgar English, a sleazy conman, with a huge moustache.

The ‘little Tramp’ Becomes Famous in 1914

Chaplin established his “Little Tramp” character and filmed 35 comedy shorts during his year with Keystone Film Co. “I wanted everything to be a paradox,” Chaplin later recalled of his choice of characteristic attire. “The slacks were big, the coat was tight, the cap little and the shoes huge.”

A First Go at Directing in 1914

Twenty Minutes of Love” was the first film that Chaplin directed in 1914. There is no known duplicate of the 1914 comedy “Her Friend the Bandit.” Chaplin and Mabel Normand starred in and co-directed the now-lost picture.

The ‘little Tramp’ Persona Begins to Take Shape in 1915.

When Chaplin directed “The Tramp” for Essanay Studios in 1915, his famous invention began to evolve into the more recognised persona that audiences are familiar with. He became less comedic and more sad and sympathetic as the “Little Tramp.”

1916: Becoming the Highest-paid Actor in the World.

Chaplin became the highest-paid film performer in the world when he signed a $670,000-a-year deal with the Mutual Film Company.

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One was for Mutual that he produced a dozen short comedies, including “The Floorwalker,” in which performers race down an escalator rather than up it, and fail miserably.

Marrying Mildred Harris, a Teenage Child Actress, in 1918

Mildred met Chaplin at a party when she was just 16 years old. On October 23, 1918, Mildred married her 16-year-old boyfriend after a few months of courting. Mildred told Chaplin she was pregnant before they got married, which may have hastened their union. That, however, turned out to be incorrect. She may have been pregnant, or she could have just wanted Chaplin to be her husband.

charlie chaplin spouse

In contrast to Mildred, Charlie spent a lot of time at work, and she was not happy about it. On July 7, 1919, they had a son together, Norman Spencer. He did, however, only have a short life expectancy of three days. As a result of this incident, the couple’s marriage dissolved the following year on November 13, 1920.

Around the Year 1924, He Married Actress Lita Grey, at 16 Years Old,

Charlie Chaplin tied the knot with actress Lita Grey in 1924. In the days leading up to their roles in the film “The Gold Rush,” he was 35 and she was 16. She was forced to resign after becoming pregnant. Charles Chaplin Sr. and Sydney Earle Chaplin, both performers, were born to the marriage.

charlie chaplin spouse

Lita Grey and Charlie Chaplin divorced in a contentious manner in 1927. An $825,000 settlement and over $1 million in legal fees were paid by him to his ex-wife. According to a Chaplin biographer, Vladimir Nabokov’s novel “Lolita,” about a man’s fascination with a 12-year-old girl, was inspired by his and Chaplin’s marriage.

The ‘little Tramp’ Makes His Final Appearance in 1936.

Chaplin’s final film as the “Little Tramp,” “Modern Times,” was released in 1936. The Great Depression is shown as a theme in the film, which depicts the hardships endured by millions of people.

Marriage to Actress Paulette Goddard in 1936

Paulette had just turned 20 when she met Chaplin in the early 1930s, making her the eldest of Chaplin’s spouses. After a period of intense passion, they embarked on a romantic journey to the Far East. Their claims of marriage upon their return from the trip were disputed.

charlie chaplin spouse

Their marriage has remained a mystery to many since no official marriage certificates were issued. Chaplin may have only had three marriages, but he insisted on saying he was married to four different women.

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As their relationship deteriorated, they decided to call it quits on June 4, 1942, and filed for divorce. But Paulette had acted like a mother to Chaplin’s other two children despite the fact that they had never been married.

In 1943, he married Oona O’Neill, his fourth wife

In 1943, Chaplin tied the knot with actress Oona O’Neill. In contrast, she was just 18 years old. Playwright Eugene O’Neill was a staunch opponent of the union and cut off all ties with his daughter for the rest of her life once he found out about it.

charlie chaplin spouse

Geraldine Chaplin, the actress, was one of the couple’s eight children.

In 1977, a Swiss Man Died

After a long period of declining health, Chaplin passed away on Christmas Day, 1977, in Switzerland. In 1978, a gang of criminals took his body from the Corsier-sur-Vevey Cemetery in Switzerland and buried it elsewhere. Following an 11-week manhunt near Lake Geneva, the grave thieves were apprehended and the corpse retrieved. Several feet of concrete covered the vault in which it was reinterred.

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