Harry Styles Reveals the Secrets of “Don’t Worry Darling ” What to Expect From This Movie!

The first trailer for Olivia Wilde’s new movie Doesn’t Worry Darling, which stars Florence Pugh and Harry Styles, has been released by New Line Cinema. In the movie, Pugh plays Alice and Styles plays Jack, both of whom live in a town called Victory that is owned by a company. Check out the video below.

The movie Don’t Worry, Darling comes out on September 23 in North America. The movie also features Olivia Wilde, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, Nick Kroll, and Chris Pine, in addition to Pugh and Styles. John Powell wrote the music for the movie.

Styles’ third solo album, Harry’s House, comes out on May 20. The first single from the follow-up to The Fine Line is “As It Was.”

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What It Was Like to Work With Olivia Wilde on Don’t Worry Darling, Harry Styles Reveals

Styles has revealed, before the film’s premiere, what it was like to be directed by his alleged lover.

Harry Styles has just released his third solo studio album, Harry’s House, which is full of love songs like “Late Night Talking” and “Cinema.” In between discussing his new album on The Howard Stern Show (via People), he was questioned about falling in love on the set of a film. Styles maintained the conversation’s professionalism by stating:

How do I respond to this question? Olivia’s direction was a delightful experience for me. I believe there is something that makes acting quite awkward at times. I believe that a great deal of reliance is required. It is a gift to be able to trust your director. That was incredibly beneficial, and it made working on that movie a truly enjoyable experience.

Harry Styles Reveals the Secrets of "Don't Worry Darling " What to Expect From This Movie!

Harry Styles didn’t say much about the rumors that they were dating, but he did talk about how great it was to work with Olivia Wilde on his third movie. The key was to “trust” the director, who had never been in charge of a movie before Booksmart came out in 2019.

They first met on the set of Don’t Worry, Darling in September 2020, and after they were spotted leaving a wedding together in January 2021, romance suspicions began to circulate. The two appear to still be together more than a year later; they were most recently seen together last week while on holiday in Italy.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles Are Dating Because of This Movie

Don’t Worry Darling is notable for followers of celebrity gossip because Olivia Wilde and leading man Harry Styles began dating after meeting on the set of the film. According to Us Weekly, the couple hit it off almost immediately and went public with their romance in January of 2017. Wilde was previously engaged to Jason Sudeikis of Ted Lasso, with whom she has two children, however, they ended their engagement in 2020. According to reports, Styles is not the cause of the separation.

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During Wilde’s CinemaCon lecture, someone approached the stage and handed her an envelope. It was revealed afterward that she had been served with child custody documents. Sudeikis stated he had no idea the papers would be given in such a manner.

Harry Performed New Songs From Harry’s House Before the Album Came Out

As one of the headliners at the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Harry opened his performance with “As It Was” and sang his other classics, including “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Woman.” In addition to bringing out Shania Twain as a surprise guest to perform two of her hits as duets, Harry introduced two new songs from his latest album, Harry’s House: “Boyfriends” and “Late Night Talking.” Naturally, people posted clips of the great moments on social media.

Harry continued the trend of teasing tracks into the second weekend of Coachella by performing “Late Night Talking” and “Boyfriends” alongside a surprise appearance by Lizzo.

On May 19, Harry also paid a visit to The Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, where he gave a few details about his next record and sang another brand-new song, “Daylight.” He was open and said that Harry’s House is his “most intimate album” to date.

Harry Styles Reveals the Secrets of "Don't Worry Darling " What to Expect From This Movie!

Harry told host Carson Daly that it was “probably the most intimately made thing I’ve done so far.” “Making music is the most liberating I’ve ever felt. I’ve never been more proud of anything.” A fan questioned him about which song on the record was the most difficult for him to write after he finished performing a few songs. Harry answered, “I’d probably say ‘Boyfriends. There were many different renditions of it, and we were attempting to determine which one was best for the record by using various guitar and vocal arrangements.

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11 Most Popular Songs by Harry Styles

  • Watermelon Sugar- 2019
  • Golden – 2019
  • Adore You – 2019
  • Sign of the Times – 2017
  • Two Ghosts – 2017
  • Sweet Creature – 2017
  • Kiwi- 2017
  • Lights Up – 2019
  • Falling – 2019
  • Treat People with Kindness – 2019
  • As It Was – 2022

Texas State University, Where Harry Attends, Has a Harry Styles Course

Scholars of Harry Styles, pay attention: The pop star will be the subject of a course at Texas State University next spring.

“Harry Styles and the Cult of Celebrity: Identity, the Internet, and European Pop Culture” will look at Styles’ music and popular European culture to “understand the cultural and political development of the modern celebrity as it relates to questions of gender and sexuality, race, class, nation and globalism, media, fashion, fan culture, and consumerism,” according to a flier shared by the course’s instructor, Louie Dean Valencia, an associate professor of digital history.

On the syllabus? Styles’ solo albums (Harry Styles, Fine Line, and Harry’s House) and One Direction work, as well as his future films, Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman.

Valencia told NBC New York on Tuesday, “I’ve always wanted to teach a history lesson that is both fun and covers a period that kids can identify with.” “I believe that through examining the art, activism, commerce, and fandom surrounding Harry Styles, we will be able to arrive at extremely pertinent contemporary themes. I believe young people must have their values represented in their education.”

The course will be offered through the Honors College of the university. “Class sizes are limited to 20 students so that we can have in-depth discussions,” Valencia explained. I would love to teach it to a larger audience because there is high demand.